We’ve now taught 10,000 kids to code!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted… and in that time we’ve taught more than 10,000 kids to code and build their own apps or websites.

Boys and girls, mostly from 7 to 13 years old

Kids who have grown up playing on devices are now understanding what goes on behind the scenes to make their favourite games.

Understanding why they’re obsessed with one game or app, but not another.

We’re opening up our young minds to explore user experience, psychology of customers and users, understanding why in-app purchasing works, understanding the challenge of creating something easy enough to draw you in, but hard enough to keep you trying again…

We provide a framework and lesson plans, but provide complete freedom for the kids to make their app or website, and make it their own, which drives ownership and pride.

We need to teach our kids to break large problems down into smaller bite size pieces, and then work out how to find multiple solution and create prototypes.

Problem solving, computational thinking, logic and creativity.

And the results have been incredible.

For many students, it is the very first time they are genuinely proud of their own outcomes.

So many of our kids surprise themselves of what they can achieve!

We have 12 year olds with apps on the App Store, and now learning about analytics.

And we continue to see the benefits:

• The confidence

• The improvements in marks in class

• A place where all kids fit in (your traditionally more sporty kids, and those kids who have never felt like they’ve had a place, finally finding their happy place)

• Kids who grew up with the internet realising that you can have fun without the internet

• Kids trying something new and knowing it is ok to fail and try again

I cannot wait to make an even larger impact!


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